helping individuals identify and overcome the impact of past traumatic events.

Mirror Images Texas, is a nonprofit organization founded in September of 2019. 

Our mission is to equip men and women with tools for healing and recovery, enabling them to thrive after trauma, abuse and neglect, reshaping legacies.

Our Program provides opportunities to identify traumatic events related to abuse and neglect, in a safe and nurturing environment. One of our foundational tools is The “Mirror Images” Program (MI). “Mirror Images” offers a proven path for healing, helping men and women define, confront, and reconcile, abuse and neglect.  The Program was founded by Dr. Sonja Kvale in 2008

The MI Program uses a group environment to help individuals look deep into their own life’s journey, to find out who they really are, and why they are who they are. Individuals enter into a process of self-examination with others who are willing to change, redirecting their lives.


Is to strengthen individuals, by helping them identify and overcome the impact of past traumatic events.


Is to help transform individuals who have been wounded by alcohol, fear, control, powerlessness, drugs, pride, depression, unforgiveness, anger, greed, hurt, lust, assault, abortion, and physical, emotional, or sexual abuse.

We believe healing occurs when the emotional impact of what has happened in one’s life can be adequately expressed to change your thinking. When pain interferes with your daily functioning… MIT is here to help!