helping individuals identify and overcome the impact of past traumatic events.

The Mirror Images Program (MI), is implemented in a closed group setting with those who desire a personal time of refection.

The Program offers a place of confidentiality and anonymity, providing a safe, accepting environment for a time of personal discovery; it can be presented online (weekly or bi-weekly sessions), face-to-face (weekly or bi-weekly sessions), or in a retreat format (5 day—8 hour sessions). Either way, the MI process requires approximately 40 hours, to help individuals understand and know themselves from a new perspective.

Participants will undergo a series of “Focus Points” designed to address individual commitment, historical perspective, damage assessment, restoration, and moving forward.

After the completion of The Program, ongoing monthly support sessions are available, every six months, as long as an individual desires to maintain contact. These support groups provide ongoing support, from group members and MIT leaders.

All participants are required to complete and submit an application, prior to taking part in the MI process. Click here to download a copy of the application. Email applications to or mail to


17424 W. Grand Parkway, STE 519.

Sugar Land, TX 77479