Taking the First Step to Mental Wellbeing: Mindfulness

January 31, 2023

Most people have a desire to work on their mental state but are often unsure of where to start.

What is the first step to improving your mental state of being?  Being mindful! 

According to Webster, mindfulness is the practice of maintaining a nonjudgmental state of heightened or complete awareness of one’s thoughts, emotions, or experiences on a moment-to moment basis. In other words, mindfulness must be practiced or incorporated daily, acknowledging our feelings, thoughts and bodily sensations. Although many popular views include mediation as a principle of mindfulness, mediation is not all inclusive.

Mirror Images Texas (MIT) is a Christian based ministry providing healing and hope to those who have been wounded or damaged through trauma, abuse or neglect. It is a closed group program, prepared for those desiring a time of personal reflection. Healing occurs when the emotional impact of what has happened in one’s life can be adequately expressed. In this sense, mindfulness is bringing to the forefront feelings which have been long repressed and stuffed away, causing physical and emotional damage.

When life becomes hard enough, we are forced to want to find out what and why our life situations are so uncomfortable. This is when we become willing to do whatever is necessary to find out how and what we can change to make our lives more comfortable, or live-able.

Principles of mindfulness

Becoming non-judgmental.

An eaglet begins to grow and change to the degree that its nest becomes uncomfortable. In other words, the “uncomfortableness” becomes the motivation for change!  Allow the pain in your life to move you forward, using your past to propel enough courage to leave what is known and move on to the unknown.

Develop patience.

Patience is a form of intelligence demonstrating that we accept facts, as they are. The truth is, our past is our past and we cannot change what has happened. However, we can change how our past impacts our future. Truth is revealed to the degree in which, we take the time to look in our own mirror image. We must be courageous enough to face the truth of life’s events. 

Adapt a beginners mind.

A beginner’s mind, simply refers to a state of being open and curious. If we can acknowledge the pain, hurt and damages in our lives, then we can move on to a new perception of reality. Personal growth occurs as our perceptions change.   

Cultivate acceptance.

Self-acceptance is defined as “an individual’s acceptance of all of their attributes, positive and negative. Life is not just about the good. When viewed from the right perspective, life’s challenges make us stronger, becoming the backdrop to who we are. We must learn to accept our part in our woundedness and move on to the greater good.

You must make a commitment to change your perception of truth to encompass a bigger truth, are you ready? We are here to help, contact us today.