The Power of Connection

March 28, 2022

Loneliness is a state of mind. It occurs when there’s a disconnect between one’s desire versus one’s actual level of connection.

When we long for something that is seemingly unfulfilled, we can feel lonely. Since loneliness thrives in solitude, the key to overcoming it is connection. However, real connection is not simply having lots of social interactions, but deep human connections. 

How do we connect with others and overcome the feelings of loneliness?

Breaking out of loneliness can feel impossible however, it’s a state of mind that can be overcome. The answer to loneliness is ACTION. In other words, seek help! Seeking help is one of the bravest steps you can take to overcome loneliness and the feelings that surround it. Since life’s biggest opportunities are found in connections with others, how can we deepen our relationships? (see below)

5 Ways to Deepen Our Relationships

Actively Love

Practice doing versus being. In other words, actively love others by demonstrating random acts of kindness. Acts of kindness can be as simple as offering a helping a hand, making someone laugh, being present, or sharing a smile. It’s often said, people may not remember what you say, but they will remember the way you act towards them.

Actively Listen

Relationships require honest, and open communication, so pay attention to how you listen to others. In simple terms, listen from your heart rather than your head. For example, have you ever found yourself listening to your own internal dialogue during a conversation? Listening from the heart allows you to truly hear what is being said. Being heard deepens our level of trust and connection with others.

Dig Deeper

Life is a journey. As we learn more about ourselves, we began to understand the choices we have made and the people who have played a role in our lives. Unraveling our emotions and patterns, helps us to eliminate the beliefs that no longer support us, so we can learn to live and respond differently. The deeper we dig within ourselves, the more we learn, which helps us understand and support others.

Be Authentic

Being authentic means being vulnerable. Over time, complaint behaviors become ingrained and habitual throughout our childhood development years. However, one of the biggest mistakes we can make is to masquerade ourselves as someone other than who we truly are. When we present false images to people in an attempt to impress them, we are not being authentic. Open communication and vulnerability are grounded in truth which ultimately leads to intimate authentic relationships.

Be Present and Focused on Others

When was the last time you asked someone about themselves and really listened to what they had to say? Being present requires being there in the moment, as opposed to engaging in mindless distractions. In other words, learn to relate to others through your body language, facial expressions, and overall presence. In essence, giving your full attention to others, enhances your connections.